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Christian Hulteberg

Christian Hulteberg is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at Lund University since 2012. He holds both a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Chemical engineering from Lund University, Sweden. His research concerns catalysis for renewables, in particular to heterogeneous catalysis, where he participates in several national and international research projects. Christian is currently chairman of the board of the Nordic and Swedish catalyst associations and acts as an expert to the European Comission, the International Energy Agency and the Norwegian research foundation. Research aside, Christian has a background as a serial entrepreneur and has started a number of companies based on his inventions. 

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Christian Hulteberg
Associate Professor


+46 46 222 8273

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Lund University, LTH
Department of Chemical Engineering
P.O. Box 124
Se-221 00 Lund

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Getingev. 60
222 41 Lund
Building III, Floor +1

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