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Magnus Carlquist

Magnus Carlquist is Associate Professor in Applied Microbiology at Lund university since 2014. He has a MSc degree in Chemical Engineering and PhD degree in Applied Microbiology. His research concerns the development of microbial systems for the conversion of technical lignin to important chemicals. More information can be found at LU Research Portal: Magnus Carlquist — Lund University

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Magnus Carlquist

Associate Professor


+46 46 222 9875

Postal address:
Lund University, LTH
Department of Chemistry
Applied Microbiology
P.O. Box 124
Se-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Getingev. 60
222 41 Lund
Building III, Floor +3

Internal mail:
Pick-up location: 1

+46 46 222 9875